if i were buying a house with a man i was in a relationship and he wanted a ~man cave~ i would vomit in his mouth

if i were buying a house with a man i was in a relationship with and he wanted a ~man cave~ i would give it to him because i would love him and im sure i would have desires he wouldnt fully understand either 

LOL no I fully understand a desire to have a “man cave” and it’s actually really gross…

it’s fueled by hypermasculinity and misogyny and stereotypes of women as nagging wives that you have to get away from 

and keeping women out of your lives 

and lacking a complex emotional life and being a manchild

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    OK, so you don’t mind if I hook up my PS3 and gaming PC to the living room TV then? Oh, you want that room to look nice...
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    man cave is a popular nickname for ‘hangout spot’. also, women wouldn’t have to do anything???? if he’s that lazy that’s...
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    Having your own rooms that your partner is allowed into is very different than a guy having a man cave and your...
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    So in 5 days my man & I move into our first house together. The basement, is for him. His studio (he makes electronic...
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    when I buy a house with my partner I want a man cave. A two man cave. I want us to hang out in our cave and drink snooty...