BET perpetuates what little bit or racism that’s left in america.



I honestly believe that racism would quickly disappear completely if people would stop calling eachother racists, and using race as a cop-out to avoid the consequences of their own actions. “Its cause im black aint it?!” “Its just cause he racist” “hate me cause im black” “im PROUD to be black” I hear this shit all the time. If skin color doesnt matter, it’s nothing to be proud of! This is totally retarded. And just because youre black and a white person doesnt like you doesnt mean he’s racist, could just mean you’re an asshole.

And i hear black people say “n****” about.. 102345346234 times more than i hear white people say it. I bet if they stopped using that word, people would forget about it completely. And if a little white kid get jumped at school for calling someone a nigger cause he heard it on the radio, it’s basically socially acceptable, like he deserved it. cause everyone is so fucking terrified of being accused of being racist..

WHO FUCKING CARES, i bet like 1 in 200 people are actually racist, and thats just because they’ve been raised in a culture where black people segregate THEMSELVES.


I have not ever studied the incredibly complex subject that I’m discussing in this post, but here’s a detailed explanation of what I think about it anyway. Also, here’s a list of things that I definitely hear Black people say all the time even though I am rarely around Black people and, let’s be honest, I only have like one Black friend who I ever actually hear stuff from. I am going to assume that we all think skin color doesn’t matter here, because in my narrow world view of life skin color has not affected my livelihood.

Speaking of my narrow perspective, let me apply sweeping generalizations to whole populations based on my comparatively minuscule existence. And while we’re at it, I think that if we stopped talking about racism it would go away. You know, just like when we stop talking about beds there’s nothing soft and comfy to sleep on at night.

I bet 1 in 200 people are actually racist, and that’s just because I’m stupid.

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